Ace Capture Equipment delivers top quality engineered humane capture equipment, customized to meet each customers individual needs.

  • Ace Capture Equipment develops new and cost effective
           humane capture tools.
  • Ace Capture Equipment provides and delivers customised
           engineered solutions in the capture equipment field.
  • Ace Capture Equipment enhances human performance,
           systems performance, and decision making through
           modern engineering innovations.


Ace Capture Equipment designs and manufactures live humane animal capture tools and a wide range of non lethal humane enforcement and security devices.

Net throwing devices for live animal capture have been around for a long time and are a well known tool. What makes Ace Capture Equipment tools unique, are the fact that Ace Capture Equipment tools are custom made for the user. Ace Capture Equipment not only incorporate the latest developments within the industry, but often develop new technology to meet special needs required by customers.


ACE Capture Equipment - NelsonNelson Collie is a precision engineer and inventor who has been involved with animal capture, and the development and manufacture of humane animal capture equipment for over 25 years.

Early developments in the areas of humane capture were net throwing devices created for capturing deer in the rugged Fiordland area of New Zealand.

Development and innovations have continued to expand and now include a wide range of specialised equipment designed for use in the humane capture of a wide variety of animals, birds, and fish.

See also: Status Guns and Engineering.ACE Capture Equipment - Mac

Mr Mac McIntosh has worked for many years as an investigator, fraud examiner, and foreign services officer. Mac has also worked in a liaison capacity with police and military services in different countries.

Mac has a keen interest in human rights and humane treatment of animals. This has led to a long association between Mac and Nelson in the humane capture tools industry.

Mac and Nelson both have a keen interest in human rights and the humane treatment of animals.

This association which has lasted for over 15 years has led to the development of ACE Capture Equipment specialising in the area of humane capture equipment for both use in animal capture and law enforcement. ACE Capture Equipment has developed, and will continue to develop and refine new and innovative tools for use in law enforcement and humane animal capture.

Ace Capture Equipment™ will always focus on developing tools which are humane, effective and efficient.

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