Feral cats, rank raccoons, playful possums getting a bit much for your place? Ace Capture Equipment have designed a brand new tool, THE CAT CATCHER.

Humane Capture Tool - The Catcher Catcher

The Cat Catcher is designed to catch cats, raccoons, possums or other similar small animals in a humane manner. It can be baited so the animal triggers the trap itself, operated by a lanyard, or remote triggering device.

Humane Capture Tool - The Cat Catcher

The Cat Catcher hangs suspended between to points. The picture on the left shows the two clips situated at the top of the tool on either side where a rope can be threaded through to enable the tool to hang.


Below the mounting site is the actual net cannister, in which the net sits ready to be triggered. Just below the green cover for the net is the bait storage unit. This is used either when the unit is self triggered by the target, or to attract the animal to the center of the net before triggering via remote device.


The Cat Catcher is designed for use on cats, raccoons, possums, and other small animals. It was developed recently for a customer determined to humanely catch a feral cat living near the property. The client plans to donate the tool to the humane society.

The photo below shows what the net looks like once the tool has been deployed.


Humane Capture Tool - The Cat Catcher

If you would like to contact us and discuss this product please follow the link to the contact page. Contact Ace Capture Equipment


For customers in the USA and most other places no special import license or firearms license is required for this humane capture tool.